Best Keyboard And Mouse For PS4

The 5 Best Keyboard And Mouse For PS4 In 2022

PCs are not the only devices which require a keyboard and mouse. Today, gaming consoles are becoming more and more powerful and can also be used for tasks like typing and clicking. Here is a guide on the best keyboard and mouse for PS4.

Buying a keyboard and a mouse for the PS4 is not as easy as many people make it sound. There are a lot of great keyboard and mouse for PS4 accessories that are available but it’s harder to find the best keyboard and mouse for PS4.

Even though it is not that popular, more and more people are using keyboards and mice on their PlayStation 4. With that in mind, there are certain perfect keyboard and mouse for PS4 which are ideal for a PlayStation 4.

I invested a lot in the cheap keyboard and mouse for PS4 building community by sharing my knowledge, thoughts, and ideas with them. I happened to spend hours upon hours helping people with their builds and I noticed something;

PS4 is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the market, and it is a lot easier to play with the right peripherals. If you are planning on getting a affordable keyboard and mouse for PS4, then you need to consider getting some good peripherals.

Best Keyboard And Mouse For PS4 In 2022

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1.Orzly Gaming Keyboard And Mouse

Orzly is a company that is no stranger to the world of gaming. They make all manner of gaming accessories and they are even a licensed Call of Duty partner.

If you are looking for a gaming keyboard and mouse then you might want to take a look at Orzly’s range of gaming peripherals.

The Orzly Gaming Keyboard And Mouse is a good example of a gaming keyboard, capable of withstanding all the excitement that comes along with playing a game. It has a lot of handy features and is very easy to use.

Orzly has made that possible with their newest Orzly Gaming Keyboard And Mouse combo. It’s a combo of today’s most popular peripherals designed for maximum gaming

The Orzly Gaming Keyboard & Mouse combo is one of the best gaming set-ups I’ve had the pleasure of testing. Most of the time gaming keyboards are limited to a few macro buttons.

However, the Orzly combo has a hotkey function which gives you the ability to switch between different macros. As a gamer, I found this to be very useful as I can assign each of my characters to a different key.

  • Easily toggleable color modes
  • The keyboard keys are quiet
  • The headset requires an adapter to use the microphone on PS4

2.Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Bundle

If you are looking to get into online gaming, then you will need the right equipment. A good gaming keyboard and mouse can help you have an edge over your opponents.

The Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Bundle is a great package which is a great place to start. Just check out the review below to see everything that is included.

Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Bundle is a gaming mouse and keyboard combo that brings the comfort of a high-end keyboard and the accurate cursor of a gaming mouse to the PC


Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Bundle is another well known brand in gaming peripherals. Their S101 Wired Gaming Bundle is an ultra-light gaming keyboard.

It is a full size keyboard with many extra function keys. The most interesting feature is the adjustable LED backlight. It doesn’t require software installation and comes with 18 pre-set effects.

The Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Bundleis one of the most affordable PC gaming bundles that is on the market to date. With a gaming mouse, gaming keyboard, gaming headset and a mouse pad this bundle is sure to help you when you’re in the mood to game!

  • The mouse feels smooth to use
  • Generously-sized mousepad for the price
  • Headphone microphone could be better

3.CHONCHOW RGB Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Combo

If you are a gamer and an ardent lover of RGB keyboards and mice, then this is the ultimate combination that you must have. These products are made of high-quality material and long-lasting in nature.

The Chonchow RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a high-quality product. The keyboard is made up of metal metal frame while the gaming mouse is made of ABS material.

Most gamers are always on the lookout for a new, better gaming keyboard and mouse combo. A common problem is that these different accessories always need to have different features.

The headset needs to have a lot of features, the mouse needs to have a lot of features and the keyboard needs to have a lot of features as well.

 Both the keyboard and mouse have a lot of features. For example, the keyboard even has a USB hub. The keyboard has a lot of function keys that one can use to customize the keyboard.

A good mouse and keyboard can make a lot of difference. If you are like me, you might be in the market looking for a good gaming mouse and keyboard. If so then let me introduce you to the Chonchow RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo.

  • Keyboard feels good to type on
  • The letters on the keys can scrape off after rough use

4.BlueFinger RGB Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Combo

BlueFinger RGB Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Combo . The BlueFinger is a gaming keyboard and mouse combo is a pretty decent gaming keyboard and mouse combo.

A gaming mouse not only looks cool but it can make your gaming experience a whole lot better. They are specially designed to help you win games and kick **** at what you do.

One of the leading gaming mice brands is BlueFinger and they have a keyboard and mouse combo that is worth looking into.

The BlueFinger is a gaming keyboard and mouse combo that allows you to have the highest level of control. The keyboard has some of the most advanced features, allowing you to have the best experience.

The keyboard is one of the main ways to interact with the computer. You don’t want to just have any keyboard, you want to have a good keyboard, that is going to last long, and is not going to give you so many issues down the line.

For example, keyboards can become water damaged, and when this happens, you are going to lose key sections of your keyboard.

  • Lagless keyboard
  • The mouse feels durable and works well for precise aiming
  • No Numpad on the keyboard

5.Redragon S101-BA Wired Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Combo

The Redragon S101-BA is a fully loaded gaming keyboard and mouse combo from Redragon. It has a bunch of great and unique features that really make it stand out from the competition.

In this review, I’ll go over what I like about it, but also try and find any weaknesses that it might have. Hopefully, I’ll find out if the S101-BA is a good buy for you, or if you might want to look for something else.

If you are looking for a new gaming keyboard and mouse combo then you might want to consider the Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Combo.

Being a gamer you need to have the right gear to win and this combo is the right gear. Now I’m going to tell you why you need to consider buying this combo and why the Redragon S101 is the right gear.

The Redragon S101-BA is a fully loaded gaming keyboard and mouse combo is a great gaming combo for those who are looking for a gaming keyboard that does not need to be wireless. This gaming keyboard is not just about looks, but also has a lot of features that are unseen on other gaming keyboards.

Gamers can now rejoice with the introduction of the Redragon S101-BA Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo.

  • The Windows key can be disabled to prevent mid-game interruptions
  • The mouse has customizable weights for the perfect hand feel
  • Doesn’t come with instructions on how to customize it; you have to rely on experimentation

Buying guide

Before buying an appropriate gaming keyboard, review some of my recommendations and then do your research about the factors that one must consider before purchasing a gaming keyboard. Hopefully this will prevent you from wasting money on one that’s either too expensive or doesn’t have all the functionality necessary to play your favorite games flawlessly.

Keys and Switches

A good keyboard must have the keys that are specialized for gaming. There are two kinds, i.e., Scissor style keys and dome-style key switches. However, nowadays, most of the users prefer laptop-style keys. Switches are the effective element of the gaming keyboards. There are two types of switches: mechanical and membrane. We recommend selecting a keyboard capable of typing with mechanical switches as they last longer than membrane ones and provide you with a greater amount of keystrokes or touch-based clicks over their lifetime!


While buying a gaming keyboard for your setup, it is important to consider the design as well. You want a wireless keyboard that is tailored to gaming, which means it must have good ergonomics and be comfortable. Some keyboards even have built-in wrist rests and palm rests that are comfortable during long periods of play!


More and more people are saying that they buy a gaming keyboard because they’re tired of the cords getting in their way while they’re trying to play. As well, most people want something simple and easy to carry around with them while they’re on the go. If you’re shopping for a wireless gaming keyboard, we suggest looking out for devices that have a number pad so you can save space!


There are many different wireless keyboards and some come equipped with USB ports and Bluetooth capabilities. However, the best way to go is an all in one product that offers the three options to connect wirelessly and set up your gaming rig.

Battery Life

If you’re looking to pick up a new keyboard, any of the options found in our article should be able to meet your needs and exceed expectations when it comes keeping you typing long after you hit “send.” Here at 9monks, we only offer the best keyboards that are not only great for getting your point across with ease and speed but also match up with your busy lifestyle.
For those who might feel antsy if their trusty keyboard goes dead (as who hasn’t been there before?!), don’t lose hope! We’ve got you covered because most wireless keyboards nowadays come equipped from the manufacturer with a variety of convenient USB ports that help boost battery life by letting you charge other devices as well!


Buying a gaming keyboard can be a confusing and overwhelming process. A gamer who wants to purchase one must consider the type he or she will use as well as how much it will cost. The price ranges between $60 and $300, depending upon the make and brand.

Other Features

Many other features go into choosing a wireless keyboard which you should consider when making your purchase decision. Some keyboards have programmable keys while some come with backlighting options in the form of RGB colors underneath the keys. Whether or not a wireless keyboard comes with a touchpad, built in speakers, and/or a squeeze-type wrist rest can also be important factors to consider when trying to make this decision.


Most of the people think that high DPI is always good for the mouse. DPI stands for dots per inch. DPI indicates how fast a mouse pointer moves and faster isn’t always reasonable. Some games do not need to utilize the faster part of the mouse. High DPI is better for the high-resolution displays.

 Games are usually high resolution, so higher DPI is suitable for gaming. It allows you to respond quickly during games but it might be harder to play on certain styles of game requiring more accuracy (hardcore games). However, lower DPI gives you better control as well as precision. A good mouse should have adjustable options to change between these two settings and many brands offer them nowadays.

Optical Vs. Laser Mouse

There are two types of mice, optical mice and laser mice. Optical mice use the LED to detect movement while laser mice use a red laser to do so. Optical mice can be used over a variety of surfaces because they don’t need any special surface treatments in order to work properly.

A popular feature among gamers is acceleration control which allows them to control speed at which their pointer moves across the screen. Laser mice do not offer any type of acceleration or speed adjustment options and therefore are not good for gamers.


There are quite a few new options for mice. The most common ones you’ll find are laser and optical mice. Lasers give you a little more precision and can track on even surfaces like your mousepad, but for everyday mousing about, an optical tracking mouse works just fine.


When playing games on the best keyboard and mouse for PS4., you need a good, reliable keyboard and mouse. The ones we mentioned are among the best you can find today. They are all full sized, ergonomic, and with the best technology for the price. These best keyboard and mouse for PS4. will last for a long time and provide you with maximum comfort and control.

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