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Best Mouse For cheap In 2021

To choose the best mouse for cheap in 2021 is not an easy task Our assumption is that you are considering buying one?We realize that this decision will have great significance for you.

Any best mouse has to offer you reliable connectivity, a smooth and responsive touch, and the basic functions of clicking and scrolling, but it should also have the following attributes: we can find LED and laser sensors. Laser sensors offer much better tracking.

The affordable mouse for cheap are becoming better technologies that allow a great comfort when using them , better monitoring and a more efficient sensors. For this reason, today it is vital to have one of the best rechargeable wireless mice such as the Logitech MX Anywhere 3 Compact Performance , because this will allow you to achieve greater comfort and productivity for both work and gaming,

Among the  cheap mouse for cheap we have presented in this list, we recommend the best mouse for those who want to enjoy their computer to the fullestCheck them out!Check them out, they’ll surely be interesting! and you can also check our selected list of the best mouse for mmorpg.

Best Mouse For cheap in 2021

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1.Best Mouse For cheap – [LOGITECH G502]

This G502 optical mouse model proposed by Logitech, is a version that differs from its predecessor, the Proteus Core, which is already very convincing.

This optical mouse has a place at the top of the best OPTICAL gaming mice for several years in a row, for a number of reasons.

It has an ergonomics close to EXCELLENCE . At first glance, the G502 looks like its Proteus Core brother, except for color. The typical blue of the Swiss brand is totally absent, and instead it sports a black and gray casing , with a very elegant sobriety of colors.

It has an angular appearance and a pleasant image , which does not compare with the eccentricities of some competitors. The presence of RGB completes the set with a choice of 16 million colors, which can be cycled or not.

Measuring 13.2 x 7.5 x 4 cm for a total weight of 121 grams, this mouse comes in standard sizes, giving you a very comfortable palm grip . Added to this is the presence of a fairly wide thumb rest , a ballast system of up to five weights of 3.6 g each, and two nice and efficient synthetic rubber side plugs.

It offers COMFORT for the grip, even in the 11 programmable buttons, 5 of which are directly accessible via the thumb. They are resistant and prevent unintended actions, something that will please MOBA or MMORPG players.

This model offers a lifespan of 20 million clicks, which is reassuring. The detachable wheel is also operable on the sides, allowing horizontal scrolling or even other use, as it is also CONFIGURABLE.

It offers irreproachable precision . With its 12,000 DPI, it does its job without flinching. While some users regret that it doesn’t carry a laser sensor in place of optics, this is actually of little importance, especially when using a quality mouse pad.

It is obviously possible to adjust the polling rate between 125 and 1000 Hz. This ensures optimal accuracy to suit the circumstances.


2. Best Mouse For cheap – [CORSAIR HARPOON RGB]

Corsair offers you the Harpoon RGB one of the best OPTICAL mice , with a sober appearance, light, functional and with quite modest characteristics.

His entry-level profile hides his performances that are quite honorable.

In terms of ergonomics, this model of optical mouse is a small wireworm with a fairly simple rounded design, resulting in a certainly rudimentary, but reliable build quality.

It has a grainy plastic cover that is very sensitive to the touch, but non-slip and with clean finishes. It also highlights its BACKLIT DESIGN through a configurable RGB LED.

It has dimensions of 11.1 x 6.8 x 4 cm for 85 g on the scale, a small size compared to the competition. Comfort is guaranteed by a minimal but sufficient presence of elastomer strips on the edges.

Although it is designed strictly for the right-hander due to a slant of the shell to the right.Corsair Harpoon RGB Optical Mouse gives you SENSITIVE AND PRECISE CLICKS . It incorporates a button to change the sensitivity of the sensor and the easy-to-use wheel.

There are two more on the left side for easy thumb access.The Harpoon, which is an entry-level model, offers services that largely meet the needs of gamers and models dangerously close to mid-range.

It is equipped with a very good OPTICAL sensor that has a sufficient sensitivity of 3,500 DPI, which can be pushed up to 6,000 virtually via the provided software. A sensitivity generous enough for most cases, whether at stake or for office automation.


3. Best Mouse For cheap – [JETECH BLUETOOTH]

Looking for an efficient optical mouse at a super price, this JETech model has stood out.

In fact, the DPI setting functions, the good grip and 5 buttons do the job efficiently.

When it comes to materials, they are not excessively solid and durable, but they are not absolutely brittle either.

The clicks are correct and the wheel responds well, it is a bit loud, but nothing alarming. The grip is adequate without being exceptional and the coating on the thumb is pleasant to the touch.

JETech offers you an OPTICAL MOUSE that does what you need right for a really low price, recommended for occasional users or as backup devices, for example, to avoid the touchpad of a laptop.


4. Best Mouse For cheap – [TECKNET ALPHA 3000]

If you need an optical mouse with complete but simple features, this TeckNet Alpha design is perfect for what you are looking for.

It offers 5 buttons, next and previous, right and left click, a wheel, DPI setting.

The build quality is certainly not at the level of the major brands, but the quality / price ratio is excellent .

It offers a high level of precision of up to 3000 DPI with 5 adjustable levels, which allows you normal use, and even for games.It works through Bluetooth technology that offers compatibility with different systems such as Windows 2000, XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 10.

This design is inspired by high-end models and can reproduce the main features while limiting costs. The plastics and the sensor used are of average quality, but the essentials also stand out.

It offers TruWave technology that allows you to have high precision cursor control on different surfaces. It also offers a lifespan of up to 10 million clicks .

If your choice is a low investment for a complete and effective mouse, you can buy this OPTICAL mouse model without hesitation.


5. Best Mouse For cheap – [Logitech Silent M590]

Each person worked at different hours. For those who work at night, Logitech has several silent mice, made to minimize the noise produced and thus not disturb anyone.

If you are one of these, or if you are simply bothered by noise, the M590 is one of the best silent mice available on the market.The materials and the feel produced by these are the best.

The rubber coating gives you comfort to the touch while the feet of the material make it slide easily and without noise.The contouring of the body is designed for the right hand as is the position of two of its reprogrammable buttons.

That said, it doesn’t seem to be that awkward for left-handed users. Behind the wheel button is the button to switch computers together with its respective indicator.The “key” to this product is how quiet it is. However, it has three notable functions.

The first is the usual dual connectivity in Logitech, which makes the mouse more reliable. Then we have the ability to pair and switch between two different computers, and finally we can copy and paste text, images or other files from one computer to another using the mouse itself.

It is worth mentioning that the autonomy of its battery is, as the company expresses, up to 24 months with a battery.

For all that it offers, this mouse is available at a very good price. We recommend it as one of the best options for silent mice on the market, or as a cheaper but just as functional alternative to the more modern models of Logitech.

  • Super quiet
  • Allows you to store files and texts on the mouse
  • Something small for some hands
  • Comparatively low DPI

6. Best Mouse For cheap – [Logitech G203 Prodigy]

  • Sensor: Optical
  • DPI: 8,000
  • Buttons: 6
  • Ergonomics: Right-handed
  • Weight: 85 g.
  • Interface: USB
  • Price: 27.99 euros

The Logitech G203 Prodigy ( 27.90 euros ) is a very interesting basic gaming mouse from the point of view of quality – price , especially for beginners or occasional users.

And, although we can find cheaper mice, this one offers quality software, a very comfortable shape (almost for ambidextrous) and a quality construction. Also this second generation comes with RGB lighting.

7. Best Mouse For cheap – [HyperX Pulsefire Surge]

  • Sensor: Optical
  • DPI: 16,000
  • Buttons: 6
  • Ergonomics: Ambidextrous
  • Weight: 130 g.
  • Interface: USB
  • Price: 49.99 euros

If you are looking for a gaming mouse within a tight budget, the HyperX Pulsefire Surge ( 49.99 euros ) is a good option to consider in terms of performance, combining precision and speed.

With a simple and functional design with good finishes, it has 360º RGB lighting to illuminate the entire mouse.

8. Best Mouse For cheap – [Basilisk X Hyperspeed]

I have recently changed my mouse, and it has been a story of disappointment and betrayal, but I am happy with the result and my final decision: the Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed ( 49 euros ).

Until recently I was very happy with my Microsoft Precision Mouse, but after two years of use the mouse started to peel on the sides.

In addition, the Bluetooth sometimes disconnected and remained as paused for a second or two something that was very annoying.So I made the decision to change. I like wireless mice, although I was willing to try the 2.4 GHz ones, those that have a USB stick connected.

I just can’t stand having a lot of cables lying on the table.And my first option, the one that I had been contemplating for several months was the Logitech MX Master 3.

However, after a week using it wirelessly I found unexpected problems, such as that in order for the movement speed settings to be maintained I had to open at the beginning Windows its native application.

This ended up being very cumbersome and I returned it.Then I tried my luck with a Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed ( 49 euros ), a model that can be used both by Bluetooth and by 2.4 GHz wireless connection .

And the truth is, I couldn’t be happier.It sets up fast, has a pretty good design without a lot of “edges”, and is very convenient to use . Maybe the click is too loud for me, but the wheel is comfortable and everything else is perfect.

I just hope that it lasts a long time, and that I end up getting used to it being battery powered instead of battery powered. But come on, the battery lasts a month or more, so I have no problems with that.

9. Best Mouse For cheap – [Logitech Mx Master 2S]

In my case, I can’t tell you about playing because I leave that activity for mobile phones, but I can tell you about photo editing and workflow in general .

Some time ago I asked my colleagues about a mouse that would allow me to somehow emulate the gestures of Apple’s Magic Trackpad when working with Photoshop,

which are great but at an ergonomic level I work better with a mouse than with the trackpad.And several of them told me about the Logitech MX Master, which from what I saw is also quite common in our world of editors.

I got the MX 2s at a good price ( 87 euros ), but there are several generations (earlier and later). Of course, I caught it in blue because it is precious .I highlight the comfort, I think that being tall and domed and not as flat as standard mice, and that it has many buttons to configure .

I find it quite useful in photo editing but above all I find it very versatile when it comes to putting actions on the buttons such as showing open apps or having two wheels to scroll (lateral and vertical).

I use it via Bluetooth and the battery lasts a long time, I can’t tell you the autonomy because I charge it very occasionally (which I think is a good sign). Of course, it has microUSB, no USB type C.

Point out that I think the experience is better on Windows than on Mac because it is true that from time to time I have to turn it off and on because it is misconfigured (and I know that it happens to more users), but it is not something annoying.

10. Best Mouse For cheap – [Microsoft Sculpt]

Taking a more minimalist approach, Microsoft’s Sculpt Mouse has a rounded teardrop shape that offers solid palm support without extraneous features.

It has a thumb cushion on the side, but its design is meant to teach you to lift your wrist off your mat when you use it, encouraging the use of the forearm muscles rather than the tendons.

Effectively, the Sculpt aims for you to do the hard work of supporting your wrist and hand with the mouse , rather than acting as a general support tool for you.The Sculpt has the usual pair of left / right click buttons and a center scroll wheel that can be moved in four directions.

It also has a side-mounted “Windows” button, which gives users of this operating system quick access to the Start menu, as well as a back button , hidden near the back of the mouse for faster navigation.

This wireless mouse runs on just two AA batteries and connects to your computer via an included 2.4 GHz USB dongle . If you don’t like the shape of this mouse but do like its other features, Microsoft also has a more “comfortable” alternative to a traditional shape.

Buying guide

Mice should show good performance and connectivity at startup. Design, lightness, battery, interface are points in which we will pause to evaluate which will be the most appropriate.

The brand and the price also play an important role. But there are so many options available, that we decided to make a guide to buy the best mouse with the main objective of making a better choice.


To decipher what size is the best for us, first we must deduce what use we will give to our device and the space in which it will be used. If we are going to always use the mouse at home, it is advisable to have an ergonomic and large size. Such a design would also be adapted to be permanently on a workbench.

If our approach is to turn the mouse into a travel tool, a model that has a smaller, cable-free design may be the answer. We would need a simple device to carry around with a laptop.


When we do a comparison of mice in this era, wireless capacity is a significant aspect. This is because if we are in a situation that requires a considerable distance between the mouse and the computer, the device should allow continuous activity, in which we can move freely around the place, without fear of losing the connection.

The fact that it does not interrupt the freedom and performance in our tasks allows us a more successful work. In this sense, some mice have such a long range that they operate across frequencies, just like radios. This creates the possibility to carry out the activities via Bluetooth connection.


The fact that a mouse does not have cables takes us out of connection tangles in the face of immediate tasks or needs, which translates to greater efficiency and comfort. Currently, most wireless devices use a Bluetooth connection that is compatible with most equipment, but it is important to know what connection and configuration your computer has to avoid connectivity problems after making the purchase.

The models that include a USB connection cable also have a favorable aspect: they do not need batteries or additional power sources; being connected to the computer they are powered by it, but they also limit the permanent use of a USB port.


The battery becomes an important feature for most of the mice that are currently , since most are wireless models. As these offer the possibility of independence of use, the ideal is that their duration is as long as possible.

Some mice come with a lithium battery that can be recharged through the use of external cables, which are connected to power outlets. However, other mice tend to a much more traditional way of charging, by using batteries, either double A or triple A.

When buying these models, you must take into account the sporadic consumption of batteries, which which means an additional expense.

Design and precision

Design is an external aspect that is linked to tastes, although it is also related to the comfort it can provide. With the problems that some mice have caused in the joints of the hands of some users, industries are focused on innovating towards health.

From there, the designs respond to a more elongated model that allows greater comfort in the movement of the hand, the movement of the wrist and the force used to press and move it. In addition, the minimalist designs are quieter and have a higher response speed, which avoids efforts in mobilization or simple navigation on the computer.

How to use a mouse

One of the first steps in learning how to use a computer correctly is learning to manipulate the mouse; It is a complementary tool that allows us to move the cursor through the interface and click on the different programs and elements.

Fortunately, the use of this resource can be learned very quickly and, hoping that it will help, in the following guide we show the basic steps that every user must follow when using a mouse.

Establish connection

Today mice use a generic USB port to connect to the computer; If your device works with a cable, the USB port must be on the opposite end of the mouse body; If, on the other hand, you use a wireless device, in the product box you will find a small USB connector.

To establish the connection with either of the two models, you should look for a rectangular-shaped port on your computer that is large enough to place the connector, the same one where portable memories and other electronic devices are usually connected, Remember never to force the USB connector as you could damage your computer.

Hand position

Now place the mouse on a clean surface, preferably a special pad for the use of these types of products as they allow you to move without interference. To manipulate the mouse you only need to hold it with your dominant hand, without using too much force; keep your fingers relaxed at all times and, to avoid wrist pain, the mouse should remain on a horizontal surface more or less at the same height as your elbows.

Basic functions

If everything is correct, your mouse is now capable of performing a series of basic functions that you must practice. For example, the left button will be the main button for right-handed users, while for left-handed users it will be the right button;

When you need to open a program, folder or link, you must click the left button, on the other hand, when you need to display a menu of options, the right click is usually used. The use of “double click” is often used to open items or folders.


A new and updated wireless  cheap mouse for cheap could be what your work team is missing. The simplest would increase comfort at the table while one of the more advanced could allow you to increase your productivity especially if you work with several computers at the same time.

We hope you liked our review. We still recommend reading the tips below to improve your purchase

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